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When should I expect to receive a link to ETFO’s online survey for central bargaining goals?
Members will be receiving the online survey link some time on November 5 or November 6, 2018.  The email will be coming from Strategic Communications (Stratcom), a research firm that is working with ETFO on the central surveying process.

How long is the online survey for central bargaining goals available?
ETFO members have until 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 25, 2018 to complete the online survey.

I didn’t get an email with the online link. Why?
It’s possible that your email provider diverted the survey link to your spam filter, junk folder or (in the case of Gmail accounts) your Social or Promotions folders. This is a common occurrence for Gmail, Hotmail and Sympatico accounts. Check your spam filter – the survey link may be there.

I checked my spam folder – the email with the online survey link isn’t there. Can I still participate in the survey?
Yes! Members can participate in the online survey process until 11:29 pm on November 25, 2018 even if they didn’t receive the November 5 survey link.

Is the online survey process anonymous?
Yes, the online survey process is anonymous. Your answers cannot be linked back to your email address.

I received a call to participate in a telephone survey about ETFO’s 2019 central bargaining goals. Is this a legitimate call?
ETFO has retained the services of a research firm, called Strategic Communications (or “Stratcom”) to conduct a randomized telephone survey about ETFO’s 2017 central bargaining goals.  The telephone surveying will take place between November 7 and November 25.

If you are called by Stratcom to participate in this 15-minute survey, we hope you will participate.

Is this the end of the surveying process for the 2019 round of bargaining?
No. ETFO is currently surveying members to develop its 2019 central bargaining goals.

In a few weeks/months, ETFO locals will be surveying their members to develop local bargaining goals.  Local bargaining goals will guide negotiations between ETFO locals and public school boards during the 2019 round of local bargaining.

Why is ETFO’s goal-setting process for provincial bargaining called the “central” goal setting process?
ETFO and other education sector unions (OSSTF, OECTA, AEFO, CUPE, etc.) conduct bargaining under the auspices of legislation called the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, 2014.  The Act is also known as the SBCBA.

The SBCBA was passed by the Ontario Legislature on April 8, 2014.  It mandates a system of two-tier collective bargaining in the education sector. The two-tiers are:

  • provincial bargaining between ETFO and school board bargaining agencies – which Bill 122 calls “central table bargaining”; and
  • local bargaining between ETFO locals and individual school boards – referred to as “local table bargaining” in the SBCBA.

The surveying process taking place this November is to establish ETFO’s bargaining goals for central table negotiations during the 2019 round of bargaining.

I’m not getting emails/calls/mail from ETFO. How do I find out if ETFO has my current contact information?
Check out the section called Stay in Touch. You’ll find information in that section about how to update your contact information with ETFO.